Rolf Sachs Studio ‘dual-lit’

Since 1994, Rolf Sachs has collaborated with extraordinary craftspeople to create limited edition and one-off conceptual art and design pieces across a range of mediums.
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The materials used for each of his pieces are regarded by Rolf as materials ‘with an inner soul’ - from woods such as ash and oak, or the hand manufactured, high-tech material Kevlar to felt made from pure merino wool or hand blown glass. Rolf Sachs expands his limited edition neon lighting collection with the addition of ‘Dual-lit’. Working in conjunction with a maestro scientific glass blower, Sachs has developed another inconceivable glass form, electrified and gassed using two sources of intertwined neon coloured light in red and blue. Neon is a material that Sachs started working with several years ago, inspired to transform a light source that is perceived to be harsh and un-pleasant into something desired. He describes neon as “cool but warm” and the use of laboratory inspired shapes as a poetic representation of science.