Thoughts For The Day: Romance in Gangland

Top tip: if you live in a gangland heavy area make sure you date unattractive woman to avoid unwanted attention.
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If you live in a gang heavy area, don’t date an attractive woman. It’s inevitable the gang leader will be attracted to her – they’ve always got to have the pretty girl for themselves. If you do find yourself with a head turner, make the quick decision to let her go. You’re in gang country. It will not have gone unnoticed that you’ve got some serious talent on your arm. The gang will be talking about your girlfriend, no doubt about it, but they’ll also be wondering about you. Who you are, what you do, and most importantly, how you got that girl.

You ever seen a film that features a gang leader with an ugly girl on his arm? It doesn’t happen. The gang leader can be and indeed often is ugly, but he’s always got a looker at his side. None of his underlings are allowed to have a better looking woman. That’s the way it goes. And you swanning around with a sort superior to his present bit of fluff isn’t going to make him look good in front of his gang. They will be waiting to see what action he takes. If he just lets this ride, he will look weak.

Don’t worry too much about your girlfriend. She’ll get over you. And quickly. Gang life’s exciting. What can you offer her by comparison? Seriously, don’t even think about holding onto her. This guy, his face probably scarred from a knife fight when he was making his way up though the gangster ranks, is likely to be handy with a blade. Do you really want to be hassled by gang bangers on your way to the shops for a pint of milk? No, of course not. Let her go. And unless you’re moving to a better area, make sure your next lady’s a bit of a pig. Your life will be much easier.

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