Royal Rubber Johnnies

Combining the strength of a prince with the yielding sensitivity of a princess-to-be, don't miss out on the Crown Jewels condoms created to celebrate the engagement of Prince William of Wales to Ms. Catherine Middleton.
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If you're going to have protective sex then make sure you have it in these. These posh looking rubber johnnies are probably just like the Royal Family have been using for generations and given that Ms Middleton is not preggers yet, there's a very good chance these work.

Not only do they almost certainly function correctly, they also come in a regal looking purple box which is sure to impress any royalist you might meet in All Bar One.We can't guarantee this, but if you flash these around you might get a shag on the misguided belief that you own half of Devon.

This glowing review has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the bloke who has made them bought three pictures at our Modern Toss exhibition. But it does go to show that what comes around, goes around. Unlike sexual diseases which you won't be catching if you wear these prophylactics.

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