Rude London: Snapshots Of A City With Its Pants Down

London is f***ing rude, and there is an amazing new book of photography which proves it...
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Anyone who has ever been to London knows that it's rude. Everyone is always in a rush, some of them are Tories and John Terry even works there. Let's not get started on Soho, and the relative Smörgåsbord of rudeness on offer there...

Patrick Dalton's latest book however, attempts to see the funny side of London's rudeness. Through 130 carefully selected photographs 'Rude London' exhibits the capital at it's most vulgar, silly, and indeed hilarious. From poorly chosen pub names, to phonebox double entendre and superbly crass advertisements, Dalton has pinpointed the British sense of humour, and drawn it out of it's hiding place amongst the grey, drab hustle and bustle. Rude London is a brilliant document of what London is really like, and how sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find out.

It's ace, funny and remarkably cheap... so not like London at all really.

"Rude London: Snapshot Of A City With Its Pants Down" is available from

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