Sabotage Times Xmas Wish List: Hardware

Dear Santa, we've been good boys and girls at Sabotage Times this year. So instead of the usual lump of coal you bring us, how about some of these nifty little gadgets instead?
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TikTok Watch and iPod Nano

Cooler than cool, chiquer than chique and almost limitless ammo for the Apple-phoebes amongst you. It's the TikTok and LunaTik iPod Nano wrist strap that's guaranteed to get you beaten up on the Tube. Still in the concept stages but the manufacturers (which includes Nike designer Scott Wilson) are hopeful of shipping for xmas.

R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock

"What's that R2? I should have been at work an hour ago!?" As Luke Skywalker never actually said. This quirky Star Wars themed alarm clock actually beams the time onto an adjacent wall for you. Space age! In true George Lucas style it comes complete with all the sounds from the movie. You still have to 'force' yourself out of bed though...

USB Recordable Turntable

Got a big pile of vinyl just sitting around collecting dust? Desperate to get it digitalised and onto a cd you can play in the car? Well look no further than the USB Turntable Recorder. You can save the files onto your computer or just burn them straight to disc, either way, a top gift for frustrated music lovers.

Martin Loofah King Exfoliating Shower Glove

If unwrapping this on xmas morning wouldn't raise at least half a smile with you then you're dead inside. I can't speak for the scientific benefits or cosmetic advantages of owning a pair of exfoliating gloves, but surely none of that is as important as how witty you'll feel during your morning rinse.

Roberts Revival DAB Digital Radio

Absolutely perfect for listening to the last few games of The Ashes, the sleekly stylish Roberts Revival digital radio can bring the best of live sport, news and music straight into your home. Available in a wide range of colours including the baby's poo green pictured above.

USB Mug Warmer

For years now man has struggled with the dilemma of which crime is worst; re-heating tea in the microwave, or letting it go cold and to waste. But those of us with short attention spans need fret no more with the USB mug warmer that's guaranteed to extend the life of all hot drinks. Tea, coffee, eggnog, gravy, whatever your winter warmer of choice, this will change your life.

Cannon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera

10 Megapixel, 5x zoom and a Purecolour LCD screen, there surely isn't any better way to immortalize your drunk aunt falling into the tree on xmas day. Hailed as the "ultimate digital compact" it can give you the precision and flexibility of an SLR whilst still retaining the functionality and ease of use of a modern digital camera.

Fisher Original Bullet Space Pen

We don't get to actually write with a pen much these days and, if we do, it's a quick scribble on a post it note with a chewed biro. This beauty, though, makes us want to get out the Basildon Bond and begin correspondence. Originally made in 1948, it is a stone-cold design classic that was exhibited in the MOMA for years. It will write underwater, at temperatures from -30 to + 250 degrees fahrenheit and upside down. Smashing.

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