Sabotaged Brazilian Election Posters

When political campaigners pollute Brazil's streets with endless posters, Brazilian citizens fight back by defacing them, sometimes creatively, sometimes crudely...
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Brazilian elections can get very dirty, especially for the streets. That is why a group of angry voters decided to promote a campaign to make fun of the most mess-spreading candidates. Two years ago, during the presidential and state votes, they got so many contributions they could rank the best ones and give them awards. The spirit of Carnaval politics is back until October, for the South American nation is off to the ballot once again to choose city hall councillors and mayors.

"If you mess my street I mess with your face" has no political affiliation. Anyone could be their victim: they seem not to care if it is president Dilma Rousseff or a bizarre local businessman who has just tried the campaign trail for the first time. Some Brazilian cities have very strict laws against visual pollution but even so, candidates find their way in to put their names out on paper. Technically the movement does nothing irregular, as long as it doesn't offend the people on the posters. However, that is not always the case...

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