Who Said It: UKIP Or Romanian Politician Gigi Becali?

Looks like Mr Farage and his pals might have more in common with their Romanian chums as they'd like to believe...
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UKIP, currently the nation’s most mumbled water cooler/Twitter acronym (I am loathe to acknowledge them as an actual political entity), are never shy of a controversial quote or two.

With his less than favourable stance on Romanians, Lord and Master of the squealing Little Englanders Nigel Farage, could be accused of being a tad hasty in naming an entire populace (approx. 21.3 million people) as his chief antagonists, especially when it’s based mainly upon his own-brand, spurious, blanket logic.

Were he to expand his horizons past his own bulbous, putrid ego and thirst for power, he may find an unlikely ally. Introducing Romanian politician, businessman, former Steaua Bucureşti football club president and all round, appalling carbuncle of a man, Gigi Becali.

Made infamous to the British press as he attempted to milk more money from Daniel Levy (amusing in itself) from a prison cell, Becali, like Farage, is no stranger to controversy. The then protracted transfer of Vlad Chiriches was allegedly pushed through after Becali ‘procured’ the phone rights of a fellow inmate.

To give you, the reader (thanks Mum), an insight into the mind’s eye of this troubling character and you, Nigel (if you’re reading), an insight into why you might have those Romanians figured all wrong, we’re going to play a game. 

Without further ado, I welcome you to “UKIP or Gigi”.

(Basically guess who said what. You all read Buzzfeed in secret, you get the gist)

1. On homosexuality; “Physical exercise releases tension and avoids homosexuality".

2. On women; “Women have no more value after giving birth”.

3. On the LGBT community; "I apologise to them. It's their problem, their disease, not mine. You ask me if I still think it's a sin? Of course it's a sin. I always speak my mind".

4. On South Africa; ‘That kingdom in which such bullshit, sullying the purity of the castes, are born, perishes quickly together with its inhabitants”.

5. On divorce; "A man can choose. As God said: man is man and woman is whore".

6. On rape; “When you get married you promise to look after the other person for the rest of their life. You certainly don't promise that you're going to put them in jail. If you make love on Friday and make love Sunday, you can't say Saturday is rape. Once a woman accepts, she accepts and especially when she makes a vow on her wedding day".

7. On other religions; "I'm sorry to all of the religions, the cults. But I do have my views. Jehovah's Witnesses are on the way to perdition".

8. On disability "There should be a compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Downs, spina bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family".


1. John Sullivan, UKIP candidate for the Newent division of Gloucestershire county council.
2. Gigi Becali.
3. Gigi Becali.
4. David William Griffiths, UKIP West London Branch Member.
5. Gigi Becali.
6. Demetri Marchessini, UKIP Donor.
7. Gigi Becali.
8. Geoffrey Clark, Former UKIP election candidate. Although eventually suspended, the party initially backed the candidate on the grounds that their members held "a range of views and opinions”.