SANYO Xacti CA100

A pistol grip powerful full HD underwater duel camera that shoots both HD video and stills
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Encased in a nice shade of bright yellow, as these things often are, Sanyo’s pocket size Xacti VPC-CA100 is waterproof up to three metres and shoots both full 1080i HD footage and 14 mega-pixel high-resolution still images.

The Xacti’s signature slim-line, pistol-grip chassis makes shooting underwater easier than ever and a dual record button allows users to take pictures instantly even while shooting a movie.

Designed to adapt to a wide range of environments, the Xacti has a wide-angle 35mm lens and incorporates a 5 x optical zoom and a built-in light/flash that helps brighten dark underwater scenes. To even further aid your underwater adventures there’s an underwater filming mode, that adjusts colour and contrast ratios to ensure ‘true-to-life’ colours and brightness so your friends will get a good idea of just what that shark or jellyfish really looked like.

This all comes in a surprisingly small, yet robust package. Less than 5cm thick and just 242g with a 2.7in LCD display, the Xacti fits easily into your pocket so shooting on the move is pretty simple. It records onto an SD card - and the new high capacity SDXC cards – and recording in MP4 format makes sharing videos on your Facebook and/or YouTube page very simple to do, especially with it’s Eye-Fi card compatibility which enables wireless uploading of videos and images from any hotspot.

If yellow’s not your colour or your that way inclined then the Xacti also comes in bright pink or a more discreet black.

If you find yourself out and about a lot or enjoy holidays in the great outdoors then this pocket sized camera will not only give you great pictures but give you piece of mind that it’s not going to get damaged by the weather.

Price £349