Scarlett Johanssoning: Getting To The Bottom Of The Internet's Latest Meme

Scarlett Johansson's bum has led to the new meme 'Scarlett Johanssoning'. There's some good, there's some bad and there's some plain ugly ones out there.
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Scarlett Johansson’s bum has caused scandal across the internet after pictures of her derriere have ‘leaked’ across the internet. Unless you’ve been under a rock all week you will have seen the classic ‘bum in the mirror’ shot and undoubtedly been impressed. It seems that Scarlet herself is the only one kicking up a fuss as the rest of the world has simply enjoyed a cheeky peek at one of the world’s most famous bums.

In true superstar style, Scarlet has led to a sensational meme imaginatively named Scarlett Johanssonning. The idea is simple; get your kit of, grab a camera, get your bum in the mirror and get snappy happy. After trawling through the good, the bad and down right ugly, here’s a collection of the best...

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