Sensory Experience Through The Pepsi Max Cube #livefornow

Pepsi Max provides a shortcut to complete sensory overload...
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Sensory Experience Through The Pepsi Max Cube #livefornow

Picture this: you're taking a stroll down the high street, minding your own business, and you come across a massive, mysterious black box, just...there. What would you do?

Well, these members of the public allowed their curiosity to get the better of them... and climbed inside.

What followed was an incredible dream-like series of extraordinary and unbelievable all-encompassing sensory experiences.

Crazy light beams, warped perceptions, glowing rain, levitation - it was all happening. A stimulation party for all five senses.

The participants left the experience overwhelmed, open-mouthed, a little bit sweaty... and pretty thirsty.