Serious About Vinyl?

If you believe that a vinyl record and equally it’s turntable should be respected as something of a work of art then this luxury record player might be just what you are looking for.
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One of the most stunning record players we've ever seen, this is the EAT Forte Turntable. Made to almost space shuttle like ergonomic precision, the players offers second to none audio quality whilst looking like something that should be in an art gallery.

The vinyl matt is made from a recycled vinyl record to be the perfect fit for your long-players, nestled upon a body incorporating sorbothane damping to eliminate any unwanted resonance. The main platter is locked steadily in place with magnetic legs, and the entire chassis is designed to be both energy efficient and structurally more solid than the Eiffel Tower. You’re vinyl’s could probably play through an earthquake without skipping.

If you’re serious about your records or perhaps just an obsessive compulsive audiophile, then this could be your Holy Grail.

There is one drawback however, as can be expected with such workmanship, the Eat Forte comes at a price. A price that roughly falls somewhere between£12,400-£12,900, depending upon the finish you go for. Essentially making the turntable one of the most expensive wet dreams we've ever had.

If your wallet is heavier than your responsibility then check out Absolute Sounds for more information.

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