Sex Up Your iPhone Or iPad With Miniot's Glorious Wooden Cases

Broken screens are a menace to all Apple aficionados, and a new set of cases from Miniot are protecting the modesty of iPhones across the planet...
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Finally, some stylish iPhone and iPad accessories that you'd actually want to own.

I generally find myself quite against phone and tablet covers as they tend to remind me of that period at the end of the 90s when everyone had Nokia 5110s and Dads would try and show off about having a ‘mobile cellular phone.’ Usually this would consist of them sticking it in a leather box with a clear acetate cover and then strapping it to their belt like a very naff Jeremy Clarkson. An unfortunate period for fashion where yuppy culture crashed cataclysmically with casuals and moustaches definitely weren’t for hipsters.

Recently however, following a near fatal collision between my iPad and iPhone (it’s like a semantically challenged Alanis Morisette song isn’t it?) and the revelation that Apple ‘can’t just replace the screen,’ I’ve quickly backtracked on the subject. I mean, to an extent, I still sort of think of them as something only my Dad or people called ‘Colin’ would own but at the same time, when you’re going to carry that much glass around on a daily basis they are a bit of a necessity.

It's a good job then that thanks to brands like Miniot, the design of phone covers has gone through something of an evolution since the 90s. Pacing that brilliant line between substance and practicality and looking slicker than a greased up cat burglar at an orgy their current range is bloody lovely. Whilst not being particularly friendly to anything other than Apple products, although I personally see no reason why certain designs wouldn’t fit a few other models too, albeit with a slightly reduced bespoke element. It does however cover pretty much everything that you might need for your iPhone, iPad, iPod collection, with items that are thus far aligned with all iPhone models and one very lovely iPad cover. Obviously nothing quite yet for the iPad mini but we'd expect Miniot to have something up their sleeves.

It's a good job then that thanks to brands like Miniot, the design of phone covers has gone through something of an evolution since the 90s.

Our favourite item from the site is the iPhone Book cover which is a far more unique effort than the more common phone case we’re used you to, actually being more akin to an iPad cover than a boxy phone case. There’s also a very eye-catching and certainly durable (it’s made of wood...) pouch, that will fit iPhone 4 – 5. For the more conservative among us there are also the more standard ‘box’ case designs, which are made to fit all models, including the curved original.

The iPad cover is not dissimilar to the Apple Smart Cover that most newbie tablet owners opt for, only it’s traded in the cheap primary coloured rubber for a more premium wooden finish, whilst losing none of the foldable design functionality that made the original so damn practical and safe.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your recent Apple investment without looking like either a leather and denim clad Dad or a prepubescent logo obsessed teen, check them out. Prices start around 80 Euro for a phone cover and 69 Euro for the iPad cover.

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