Shed A Little Light With The Ohl Subwoofer Lamp

Is it a slickly designed subwoofer that’s a lamp or a contemporary looking lamp that’s a subwoofer, you decide
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Most people now have some kind of home audio setup in their home and many of them are pretty savvy when it comes to what to buy, with high end audio and home cinema becoming all the more common place. The problem it’s not always the most attractive gear, and it can take up space. Space that’s best served for other items of furniture such as a side table or lamp, and it’s subwoofers that are the biggest culprits as far as space thieves go, being as they are mostly big bulky ugly boxes.

Designer José Merla Laguna has come up with an innovative and attractive alternative to the bulky subwoofer though with the OhL Subwoofer lamp.

Inspired by the functionality of pipe organs and designed to function and design in a home cinema audio system, the OhL is a unique object that combines bringing the best sound quality to your ears with pleasing aesthetic design to your eyes.

The subwoofers not only deliver the high quality sound, but as you’d expect also are capable of playing the low and deep notes a subwoofer needs to.

Overall if you’re looking for something different to stand out from the rest of the hi-fi/home cinema crowd then these subwoofers are the ones to bring a little light into your life.

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