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Shit Hot Photographer We Love: Alex de Mora

In the first of what will probably be a pretty irregular feature, we have a look at ace London snapper Alex and his collection of fucking great shots...
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Alex de Mora, London photographer, is dead good with the old camera having pointed and clicked at some of the most iconic artists and amidst some truly standout scenery, all with his trademark sense of humour and remembering to take the lens cap off.

We met Alex last year while he was shooting Ghostface Killah for Juke (RIP) - which you can see/read here - and the lad's been keeping busy, shooting for Vice, i-D and Dazed plus working with more brands that your mum's had hot dinners, up to and including Nike, Red Bull and way more than we can be bothered to type.

Whether it's catching MF DOOM playing with some toys in a fucking massive sandbox or convincing grime mentalist Wiley to throw up a diamond, we're big fans.

For more of Alex's work, visit here.








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