How do you sneak in to Glastonbury and The GRAMMYs? With a camera and some homemade wristbands...

Given how much they cost, everyone has wondered how they could make it in to a festival for free, haven't they? In this new documentary, that idea is well and truly run away with.
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You know what the worst thing about music festivals is? Paying for them.

That’s why, without much more than sheer determination and massive, massive, massive balls, James Marcus Haney snuck in to some of the biggest events around the world.

Coachella? Check. Glastonbury? Check. The GRAMMYs? Check!

Posing as a professional photographer and member of the press, armed with homemade wristbands and the gift of the gab, Haney didn’t just go to these festivals successfully - he documented it.

Picked up by MTV and now a feature length documentary, morals aside, this has to be one of the most simple, yet effective, blags of all time. Not bad for a College dropout.

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