Someone Drank Tea From Rare £20million Antique Cup And The Internet Is Going Mental

Apparently you're not really supposed to do that...
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[Pic Sothebys]

A Chinese billionaire has sparked outrage after buying a rare antique porcelain cup and drinking his tea from it.

The 'Chicken Cup' is an extremely rare item from the Ming Dynasty of which only 10 are said to exist. It cost Liu Yiqian so much doe that he had to charge his American Express 24 times just for the payment to go through.

Sounds quite funny doesn't it? Well not to everyone. "No people who are civilised would treat a cultural treasure like this" said one internet commentator, although they could've been talking about the Tulisa trial.

If you've just broken the world record for Chinese porcelain, why shouldn't you be allowed to have a bloody cuppa out of it? Fair play Liu, you're always welcome round ours, let us know and we'll get the posh china out.