Spectacular Photos From KU, Ibiza During Its '80s Heyday

Grace Jones and palm trees mixed with out and out hedonism. These photos from a bygone Ibiza era are what the internet was made for...
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There exists a Facebook fan page dedicated to a bygone Ibiza institution which is so brilliant you'll find yourself physically pining for a time machine to experience it first hand. Through an extensive collection of photos from the late '70s to the late '80s, Ku - Ibiza Best Years showcases the glamour and hedonism of Ibiza past: sun, feathers, Grace Jones and handlebar moustaches.


During its heyday the club was deemed to be the world's most prestigious venue, attracting a clientele of celebrities, bohemians, night creatures, homos, trannies, native ibicencos and aristocrats, mixed together to create an atmosphere it'd be pointless for me to try and imagine.


In their own words they describe the end of that Golden era: "With the arrival of the law forbidding open air discotechs and the invasion of the island by foreign promoters toting mainstream music, the magic was siphoned out, leaving a generation of disillusioned dreamers with out a home". The club later became Privilege.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of incredible photos to flick through. Take a look for yourself and read more about the KU history at the Facebook page.

Photos reposted with permission from Ku Ibiza Best Years



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