Spiders, Caged Rats & Torture Chambers: It's Hop Farm's Freak Week

Kent's historic countryside, believe it or not, is home to the ultimate Halloween experience.
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It is officially Freak Week at the Hop Farm, the sprawling festival site in Kent transformed into an abandoned carnival, complete with errant clowns and caged rats. Guests are invited to sign a disclaimer confirming no serious phobia of spiders and basic bladder control, then ushered into an endless crawl space. What happens inside this tunnel is, of course, best kept secret but as an opener to this 'immersive cinema experience' it's not a tame start. Add a maze, torture chamber and some very, very live six legged friends and by the end of the night, the sound of grown men squealing is so commonplace a temporary deafness will have set in by the train ride home. Not one for the kids.

Blink Box Freak Week runs at the Hop Farm from Oct 25th-31st http://www.hopfarmfreakweek.co.uk/

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