Spira Shower

Whether it's boiling or freezing, getting clean or getting down everyone likes a decent shower. Here's one from the very top end.
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The curvy teak wood and polished metal Spira Shower could be mistaken for a work of art and is designed to enrich you with the fresh sensation of a warm tropical rainstorm. The Spira isn’t about the looks alone; it has plenty of functionality to give you an invigorating shower session. To soothe your entire torso it features six, strategically placed hydromassage whirlpool nozzles built into the wooden body. The teak wood base and the silk shower curtain that slides gracefully round to cover your modesty add an extra touch of elegance. With a price tag of €10,620 for the base model and €12,775 for the six hydro nozzle version, it’s just a shame it’s only room for one, but there’s nothing to stop you trying…