Spirit Of Ibiza '89

A nostalgic collection of images from photographer Dave Swindells to transport you back to Ibiza's clubbing heyday.
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A Balearic trip down memory lane, 'Spirit Of Ibiza '89' is a collection of photographs from Dave Swindells capturing the Ibiza night life at its best...

"Myself and Alix Sharkey, went to Ibiza in June 1989 to do a story for 20:20 magazine, sister publication to Time Out. While we were there The Sun ran a front-page story about the 'Peril of Drug Isle kids' on 'Ecstasy Island'), hence the photo taken outside the Cafe del Mar...For me the main story is still the impact that Ibiza's Balearic Beats (in tandem with acid house) had on London and the fact that Ibizan nightlife itself, was so much more self-conscious and glam than the dungaree-clad, Converse-wearing, early-adopting Brit clubbers had led us to expect."

Photos will be on display at the International Music Summit in Ibiza from May 24-27 with DJ Lisa Loud of Our Cultural History

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