Stop Bullying Jodie Marsh - She's Fit, Happy And Looks Great

Jodie Marsh has well and truly done her time in terms of taking media flak over the years, and here's why the the renewed abuse over her physical transformation is more than a little harsh...
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Ok, so I’ve never found Essex damsel Jodie the most sexually alluring. Some lads like the flat out big tits vibe; it’s all about the babylons, the bazookas, the norks, and fair play to them. Call me old fashioned, but I think a little subtlety goes a long way. I enjoy a good, resolute breast as much as the next man, but when a girl has all her image eggs in the boob-basket, as Jodie has over the years, I don’t think you get a desirable end product.

And that’s probably why I wasn’t so aghast over the body-building snaps of Marsh that were plastered over the tabloids this week. I didn’t feel that sense of loss - that a busty babe had been cruelly snatched from us – that I’m guessing provoked a lot of the anger and criticism that has been directed at Jody over her new super-toned torso.

She may have fallen down the lads-mags rankings quite considerably in recent times, but her physique is still likely to have been propelling a fair number of masturbatory acts. The oily, masculine images of Marsh would have put pay to the vast majority of these now, and the disappointment has people bullying and ridiculing the ex-glamour model more than ever. It’s like when a girl who was fit at school puts on a lot of weight and let’s herself go, you do feel a genuine element of anger towards them. They’ve let you, the grimey tossing admirer down as much as they’ve left themselves down.

But the current backlash against Marsh is harsh and one she should not have to face. Going to the gym, getting super-fit and toning up is infinitely more favourable than most of the celebrity transformations we see. Katie Price and the TOWIE brigade getting stretched, pinched, soldered, sewn up and pumped full of silicone for their repugnant new looks sets a far worse example to the public than a much-maligned lass channelling her insecurities into fitness and competing in a sport. We all know that Jodie is a woman of extremes, it’s the way she’s always been while slowly decaying under the public eye, so if she’s going to do something to an extreme she’s far better off taking it down this route than the surgery route of old.

The media and public bludgeoned Jodie to rock-bottom with the kind of irrational spite that could only be garnered by our odious celebrity culture.

Moreover, the girl is happier than she’s ever been. And what kind of cretin wants to begrudge her that? "I don't give a s*** what they say. I feel sexier than I have for ten years”, Marsh says. "I don't think I look like a man. I'm only 5ft 2in and in normal clothes I just look well toned. I used to loathe my body but now I absolutely adore it."

The media and public bludgeoned Jodie to rock-bottom with the kind of irrational spite that could only be garnered by our odious celebrity culture. Yes she may have been an attention seeker and sometimes distasteful character herself, but that’s no excuse for the treatment she and countless comparable others have received: "Before taking up body-building I was feeling depressed and suicidal. I’d lost all my self-esteem.”

This seems to have been restored by her determined and admirable fitness regime: "I was getting up at 7am and heading to the gym. It was three hours of cardio, two hours of weights, an hour of abs and three hours of posing practice. I got my body through bloody hard work and nothing else. Before taking up bodybuilding I was feeling depressed and suicidal. Now I have a new life ahead of me. I have a great new body and I feel at peace with myself. What I did for the contest was extreme and I'm not advocating that for anyone else. What I'm saying is try exercise, get yourself off the sofa. You don't know how much your life could change for the better."

Wise words from not the wisest of owls. So now should be a time when people lay-off Jodie Marsh, not re-intensify their pathetic bullying campaigns...

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