Stuntman Brent Butane Puts The Oomph Into Car Insurance

Here’s Brent Butane (the coolest retired stuntman you’ve never heard of) to tell you all about it...
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Bell are revolutionising car insurance with a new gizmo box that monitors your driving and compares it to that of other drivers, charging you accordingly. Frankly, this sounds like a bloomin' great idea. Who doesn’t want to save a few quid on car insurance? It’s almost too good to be true. A bit larger than life. Good job then, that they’ve roped in their own larger than life spokesperson to tell you a bit about it: Brent Butane. Stunt man, daredevil and lover extraordinaire. What a legend.

10 Reasons Brent Butane Is Twice The Man You’ll Ever Be

1. He owns a bi-polar polar bear, which sounds like hard work, especially if you consider a fully grown male polar bear can weigh 700kg! Giving one of those a cuddle takes cojones.

2. While touring to raise money for his third divorce in 2001, Brent was forced to retire after an unfortunate incident involving a motorbike, a tank and a cannonball. Still, you can't keep a good man down.

3. He’s a fan of Baywatch and presumably swimming, as evident by his ladyfriend in the red one piece. It’s nice to see someone giving back and helping out the next generation.

4. He wears the same sort of silky tracksuits as Bobby DeNiro in Goodfellas which is all you need to know, really.

5. Ok, here’s a bit more you need to know: Brent’s a top quality knife thrower and has honed his craft over a 50 year career. Don’t believe us? Check out 32 seconds in to the video above.

6. Danger is afraid of Brent Butane.

7. Brent played the role of '3rd bandit' in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which is a coincidence as he’s also got three lungs...

8. Brent turned down the role of James Bond in 1973, preferring instead to stay true to his stuntman routes and instead be shot and killed by 007.

9. He possibly invented the phrase ‘Bell, drive well, pay less’ which makes sense to us...

10. Brent has skydived with explosive great white sharks. There’s almost too much amazingness in that sentence, so we’re just going to leave it at that...

There's more from Brent Butane here (if you can handle it).