Superhero Foetuses: So Wrong Or So Right?

Ever wondered what super heroes look like in the womb? Wonder no longer, this artist has the answer ...
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Some things on the web are just plain creepy some things are just plain awesome. Every once in a while something crops up that manages to be both.  May I introduce you to Superhero Foetuses by Alexandre Nicholas.

The pieces of 'art' are currently on display in Paris as part of the Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture exhibition. The images were captured by Phonogalerie and have been met online with a mixture of disgust and fascination.

I’m personally not sure if I should be more concerned by the fact I cannot stop looking at these or the fact I want to buy the whole set and display them in my house. Previous sculptures have included Batman, Wonder Woman and bizarrely a baby Hitler complete with a tiny moustache. Would you invest in a Superhero Foetus?

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