Surreal Suburban Landscapes Created in Miniature Form

German artist and photographer Frank Kunert's "Small Worlds" project takes nondescript urban settings and gives them a surreal twist for the miniature.
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We found this at Environmental Graffiti

On  first glance of this gallery, like us you may think "What's so special here?" but upon closer inspection, the tiny surreal aspects of German artist and photographer Frank Kunert's miniature models begin to amaze you. In Kunert's "Small Worlds" series, once you give things a closer look, the models are sure to bring a smile on your face.

Kunert came to model-making and photography after doing an apprenticeship with a photographer, followed by a stint in industrial and advertising photography. He soon realized that his true path lay with composing his own scenes, and fortunately he found a market for the work he created. His process of making a model, from initial ideas and sketches to eventual photograph can take weeks or even months to complete. He has described taking photographs of his models as "diving into another reality."

Either way, we love them.

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