The 6 Strangest Pizzas From Around The World

Pizza Hut recently released a vegemite topping for Australia Day so it got me thinking....
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Pizza topping selection is subjective but here are some of the more, shall we say niche ones guys. Prepare for hunger pangs and perhaps a bit of nausea.

Swedish Fruit Curry Pizza

Fruit on a pizza is a highly controversial topic, with ham and pineapple a taste much like the music of Wham - best served when inebriated. When it comes to pizza toppings in Sweden they've pushed the boat so far out that it's got lost in the Bermuda Triangle: they've only gone and put banana and curry on a pizza. At Pizza Hajk from Pizzeria Värmland in Orebro you can have tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, wild mushroom and then raisins, banana, peanuts and curry.

Pizza In a Jar


Drinking out of jars has become synonymous with hipster cafes, and there's now a recipe for pizza in a jar. Yes, why grab a slice of pizza and enjoy eating it like a normal person when you can scoop the sad remnants of a tomato and cheese mix from a jar? What fun!

Rice Pizza

Do you know what two foods really don't go together? Rice and pizza; but that hasn't stopped Pizza Hut in South Korea and Taiwan. They've gone and put pizza toppings on rice cakes. Tasty toppings on a piece of air flavoured cardboard. It's the handy on the go snack that's like being handed a massive ice-cream and having somebody hit you in the back of the head at the same time.

Japan's Mini Dog Crust

Now over in Japan Pizza Hut's corporate brothers and sisters in Japan devised a crust made up of a ring of mini dogs. That's a surefire way to get kids to eat their crusts.

Brussel Sprout Pizza

Why tuck into a meat feast or margherita when you can opt for everyone's favourite veg: brussel sprouts. This wonder can be found at Motorino's in the USA. It seems a strangely unpopular vegetable to use as a topping base and about as much fun as Korea's rice cake debacle. This one was definitely brought to you by the kind of people who say that they enjoy kale crisps.

France's Salmon and Fancy Cheese Dominoes Dream


Here in France Dominos do a salmon and Boursin cheese topping that is worth booking a Eurostar ticket for. If that's not enough there's Tarte flambée. A popular type of pizza that originated in the Bas-Rhin region of Alsace in northeastern France. The delicacy includes a thin layer of dough—similar to a crêpe—topped with crème fraîche, sliced onions and bacon. You're welcome.