The Abandoned Houses Of Detroit

The economic downturn has had a huge effect on the city of Detroit, with many of the big car factories shutting. This has forced many to depart in search of work, leaving a legacy of abandoned houses across the city
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Detroit is famed for cars and music; unfortunately the last few years has seen a drastic reduction in the factories building the former.  In the 1950s the city had over 2 million residents and was at the heart of the automobile industry, with General Motors and Chrysler based in and around the city;  A 2010 census put the number living there at just over 713,000 (though there is signs that in recent years this has increased).

2009 saw the biggest wave of departures, with the bankruptcy of  GM and Chrysler enforced by the Obama administration in the wake of the companies huge income downturn during the credit crunch.  This resulted in the loss of 21,000 jobs in 2009 and 2010.  Even the city of Pontiac- the city giving its name to the famous mid-range Chevrolet that is located with the Detroit metropolitan area- lost  three factories with a combined workforce of 4,800, when the company decided to cut that model from its output.

Such a drastic loss of jobs has obviously left a dearth of houses across the city and its suburbs, and they are a haunting reminder that the financial downturn stretches far beyond England and Europe.

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