The Angry Art Of Commuting

Most of us spend our commute fantasising about getting a chopper to work or weeping into a free newspaper. This guy draws on them.
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I spend 4 hours EVERY FUCKING DAY commuting between home and work, and as you can imagine, this is a mind crushing activity. To distract me from the tedium of my daily journey I started a new project in January- each day on the way back from work, I choose a picture from the newspaper and draw all over it. It kills 40 minutes, and gives me something creative to do. I am planning to try and do this every single work day FOREVER, and so far I haven’t missed a day- even when pissed out of my head and on the 12.05 am vomit comet.

The blog has had a great reception and I’ve already had offers to buy some of the pictures (Rupert Murdoch seems rather popular for some reason)- I don’t know what I’ll do with all these pictures- maybe an exhibition or a book… any suggestions or offers welcome!