The Batmobile's Cooler, Tougher Brother

Introducing the Lamborghini Ankonian - a concept car that could bring superhero style to our streets
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Sabotage Times dreams of getting behind the wheel of something that Batman might drive. Recently we got all slack-mouthed over the Magul Ronin motorbike and now we've gone goggle-eyed over the Lamborghini Ankonian. Designed by Slavche Tanevski, a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the result is  a concept car of brooding, menacing beauty. Named after a black-maned bull, the Ankonian took six months to build. According to Tanevski the main themes behind its concept are '"underground’ and ‘hardcore’". These, he explains, are achieved by the triangular forms and color combination of shiny black and matt dark grey. Plus the fact that it has flames that shoot out of the exhaust. Yes. Flames.