The Best Alternative Video Games of 2010

With the big hitters discussed in part one, we move onto the best alternative games of 2010. Plus a load of free stuff for your PC and a handy list of the best games to get on the cheap...
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Alternative Games of the Year

MineCraft (PC)

See why here. Revolutionary.

Cave Story (free on PC, paid for on Wiiware)

Indepedent homage to classic platform games. Compelling.

Plants Versus Zombies (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, 360, soon-to-be DS)

PopCap’s herb-heavy carnage is on almost all platforms now. Essential.

Limbo (360)

Minimalistic, gruesome platformer. Not for arachnophobes.

Super Meat Boy (360, PC; Mac & Wii to come.)

Bizarre, meat-based platform game. Meaty.


Sprite-based puzzle platformer. Retro.

Play the demo here

Deadly Premonition (360)

Twin Peaks meets crappy Japanese action game. Inexplicable.

Game Dev Studio (iPhone)

Can’t design games? Then play a game where you run a studio designing games. Addictive.

Amnesia (PC)

A Lovecraftian first-person adventure that’s genuinely terrifying. Play with the lights down low … *scraping noise, blood-curdling howl, sounds of Anne Widdecombe whispering sweet nothings*... if you dare. Dark.

Free Games of the Year (PC Only)

If you’ve got a PC then you’ve got access to more games than any other system - for free! And when you’ve finished pirating all the mainstream games that cost millions to make there are some that - shock-horror - were free all along.

World of Tanks

Half a million players shooting each other from realistic tanks.


The Lord of the Rings obsessively recreated.

D&D Online

The D&D universe obsessively recreated.

Sydney Shark

You’re a shark and you have to eat things. Try to not eat ICBMs or the world ends.

Space Funeral

I don’t think I can begin to explain this. It might be a satire on Japanese role-playing games. Maybe.

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