The Best New Street Artists of 2012

Since the rise of Banksy the world of street art has spawned an array of new graffiti stars, here are five of the most exciting new talents coming out of the scene
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With the efficiency of the internet age just about anyone with a marker pen, a Tumblr account, and a camera phone can portray themselves as a street artist— the streets have become a battlefield, saturated with the red paint of the soldiers sneaking across roofs and ducking into alleyways to practice their craft. So with each cold-fingered insurgent trying to make a name for themselves with their kit bag of stencils, spray cans and paint brushes, we’re making the battle a bit easier, by pointing you in the direction of five great street artists you should really start paying attention to...


Still relatively undiscovered, JASSO hails from the Czech Republic and is recognised for his controversial artworks painted on the walls of Little Village and Pilsen. His handiworks include Mexican revolutionary “Emiliano Zapata” as a rebel Jedi with a lightsabre, NARC agents shooting at Super Mario and Abraham Lincoln wearing a Dr Seuss hat. His stencil and wheat-pasted works are said to be inspired by Banksy and Picasso, and depict his opinions on immigration, political corruption and gang violence in Europe and throughout the world. He’s not the easiest artist to come across, but there’s something about his mixture of cartoon and real life that portrays the message of how ridiculous and detached from reality a lot of the senseless murderers and greedy politicians of this world are.

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