The Creepiest Kids Show of All Time

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Fucking hell. This is the The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show - a religious puppet show on Los Angeles public-access television, and Jesus Christ, it's properly weird.

The show itself is fucking nuts if you watch it. It's hard to describe, really. Imagine if the Manson family seized control of CBeebies. Like that, but ten times weirder. Liebe Hart breaks into song a LOT, pretty much whenever he gets bored, and proceeds to belt out 9-minute hymns at a time when he so pleases. The graphics are cheap and grainy and the puppets beyond grotesque, giving the show a whole 'dungeon' aesthetic that probably isn't that appealing to little ones. Watching it as an adult is unsettling enough, but what if you saw that as a kid? That shit haunts your dreams.

All of the puppets are voiced by the same man, David Liebe Hart, a local LA eccentric who believes he was abducted by aliens and instructed by them to preach the word of God. As you'll see from the video, he also fancies himself as a musician, and has indeed released 10 albums. Pick of the bunch is his 2009 release 'Trains of the Past and Present' - an album about mid-20th century railway lines. He is also known around Hollywood for singing in public with 'Doug the Dog' - one of Hart's most beloved characters - outside sports events.

Give it a watch and you'll never wince at ChuckleVision again.

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