The Daily Toss: Modern Toss On Your Mobile

Just when you thought your life couldn't possibly get any better, you can now whip Mr Tourette and co out of your pocket whenever the mood strikes you. Say hello to the Modern Toss app.
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Alright! Fancy a full four seasons of animated banter that treads the lines of taste and decency whilst still smashing you in the windpipe so hard you might forget to breathe?

Well, those lovely chaps at Modern Toss have been slaving away for a while now and have mixed, rolled, kneaded and baked a delicious daily cartoon app, that smells nothing like bread but will have you salivating all the same.

Sign up to the new Daily Toss app and each morning you’ll get a fresh Modern Toss cartoon pumped through the air and straight into your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, now that's some serious magic right there. You don't even have to worry about how cripplingly lazy you are these days, all you have to do is regain consciousness long enough to press a button and bam!

Each day you’ll get the same cartoon as all your friends and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes they might pop in a new cartoon or message, so you kids will have to make sure you check everyday. All your favourites are here including Space Argument, Cheese & Wine, Mr Tourette and Home Clubber. Have a scroll through, or whack on the randomizer and see what it serves up...

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