The Dogs, Drinkers And Urchins Of The London Street Photography Festival

As part of the London Street Photography Festival, a cracking selection of candid photos dating from 1860 right up to the present day, will be exhibited at the Museum of London.
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Think of “street” and images of rappers hanging out on street corners probably comes to mind.

However, the street has always been a vibrant place and nowhere has this vibrancy been as brilliantly captured as in the hands of the photographers who have lived and worked on its streets.

To celebrate this fact the London Street Photography Festival takes place during July as a diverse programme of exhibitions and events at venues including the National Portrait Gallery, the V&A, the British Library, the German Gymnasium and St Pancras International.

Meanwhile over at the Museum of London an extraordinary collection of London street photography - with over 200 candid images of everyday life in the street - is running until September this year.

Featuring photographs dating from 1860 right up to the present day, the collection captures ordinary people going about their daily lives in the street including images of urchins from Dickensian days to drinkers in Portobello Road’s ‘Piss House Pub’.

This major exhibition at the Museum of London brings together the works of 59 photographers including Paul Martin who pioneered candid street photography in London when, in the early 1890s, he began using a camera disguised as a parcel to photograph people unawares.

Stephen McLaren, meanwhile seeks out quirky and colourful street images, that - in this case illustrated here - really look the “dog’s bollocks.”

These superb images don’t only capture the everyday life of the people in the street but also document the evolution of a great city.

London Street Photography runs until 4 September 2011 and entry is FREE.

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Images courtesy of Claire Wylie at the Museum of London

For information on the London Street Photography Exhibition visit here

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