The Drum Thing: Famous Drummers Doing Their Thing

Through a new book featuring the world's best drummers at home, Deirdre O'Callaghan is giving well deserved props to an often-forgotten role...
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Drummers deserve more credit: they may not get the fame and celebrity of frontmen and guitarists, but they're the engine of the outfit, they carry the song and make you move. With her forthcoming book, The Drum Thing, Irish born photographer Deirdre O'Callaghan aims to travel the world and photograph the best and most renowned drummers in all their glory.

Above are five great sticksmen whacking the life out of their kit, five men who've been behind some of the finest tunes of this generation, but be honest with yourself, how many would you recognise if you stood next to them in the queue in Tescos? That's what makes this book so fascinating: through candid shots of drummers in their home lives, it brings to the forefront a talent far too often taken for granted.

In order to finish the book and create a definitive gallery of drummers today, including members of Atoms For Peace, The Clash, The Roots, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Rage Against The Machine, Can, and many other legendary rhythm makers, Deirdre needs to raise some funds. Here's her Kickstarter page where you can donate.

The drummers featured in our gallery are:

Zach Hill - Death Grips

Jon Theodore - Queens of the Stoneage

John Stanier - Battles

Steve Gadd - Legendary Session Drummer

Josh Freese - NIN, Devo, The Replacements


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