The HARE Styling Appeal: Supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital

Stars of stage, screen, photography, hairdressing and political commentary have all designed Hare canvasses that will be auctioned off to support Great Ormond Street Hospital. We think they're rather nice...
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We've had plenty of galleries on Sabotage Times. Trainers, the Rat Pack, arses, shirts, sunglasses, erotic photography and football casual memories. The one above is a bit different. The HARE gallery was started by leading hairdresser Michael Van Clarke to support the sterling work of the staff at Great Ormond Street, where his daughter Angelica had a life-saving operation when she was only two days old.

Leading artists, football managers, musicians, hairdressers, political commentators, photographers and more were sent a template of a Hare - designed by the now 15-year-old Angelica - and asked to design a canvas that could then be auctioned off for charity with all proceeds going to GOSH.

Also commissioned was a Hare gold pendant. Designed by Indian Jeweller, Raykans Fine Jewellrey, and is mount encrusted with diamonds and will be auctioned at the Dorchester Hotel on May 26.

Some people chose to stick to the template, some went completely off page, and the gallery contains some corking pieces of work that would both look good above the mantlepiece and make you feel good at the same time.

We're just put out we weren't asked to design one and can't decide whether we'd have used the ticking timebomb motif or the picture of Owen Blackhurst lay on a table at the Christmas Party...

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