The iPad For The Person Who Has Everything

Tired of boring normal iPads that just look the same as everybody else's? Want something with a little more class and razzmataz?
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Considering that they are amongst one of the most popular brands in the world these days, it can invariably be pretty difficult to stand out from the crowd with your latest Apple gadget. Let’s face it, it’s probably become more of a novelty to find someone who doesn’t own some kind of iPad/Pod/Phone/PersonalityReplacement these days. Luckily for us though we have Gold & Co to put back the sense of individuality back into the products.

Introducing the world’s first 24-carat gold iPad 2. Whether you’re a rap superstar, middle eastern oil baron or a Columbian drug dealer this could be just the touchscreen tablet for you.

Available for a paltry $6,495 in a strictly limited edition run of 250 pieces, each solid 24-carat gold plated unit is individually numbered and comes with a wax sealed certificate to ensure authenticity. All of which is then packaged and presented in a luxury, handcrafted leather box. That’s right, you get a box and some paper too.

Still not convinced? In the right light the device could also double up as a pretty handy gold mirror or bargaining tool in a hostage type situation. Now if that doesn’t get you reaching for a Wonga loan then nothing will.

Visit Gold & Co's website here.

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