The Pagani Huayra: The Thinking Man's Bugatti

Got a spare £900,000 down the back of the sofa? This is probably where you're going to want to spend it then...
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It might be a bit of a tongue-twister, but the images of the Pagani Huayra released this week speak a thousands words.

You might not even be familiar with the manufacturer, being as they are, one of the smallest and most modest manufactures of super-cars on the planet, but their latest offering looks set to give even the fabled Bugatti Veyron a run for its money.

Being priced at a not inconsiderable £900,000, it's been developed to replace the Zonda and it comes with all the latest high-tech wizardry you'd expect for that sort of money. Airplane style ailerons automatically balance the car for optimum speed whilst the onboard computer is sophisticated enough to still give you wonderful control.

To put that in context, an average set of dials cost £3.50 to make, these ones cost £2,200.

It's 6 litre, v12 Mercedes engine gives out 700bhp, and whilst that's less than the Veyron, thanks to the very latest construction materials and processes, it's a staggering 600kg lighter, giving it a power to weight ratio that the Bugatti could only dream of.

There are all kinds of slick and sexy design features too, the dials, for example, have been inspired by Swiss watch manufacturers who have never before allowed their work to be installed in cars. To put that in context, an average set of dials cost £3.50 to make, these ones cost £2,200.

It debuted at this year’s Geneva motor show, which opened to the public on March the 3rd but it won't be available to order until the summer. Giving you plenty of time to clear a space on the drive-way.

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