The Pope's On Twitter... But He's Only Following Himself

The Vatican just recently announced that the Pope now has his very own Twitter account, but strangely enough the people he follows all look very similar...
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In many ways the Catholic Church is so backwards that it may as well be chasing after the Templars still, but in other ways it embraces modern technology and even agrees on some level with science (and aliens!). So it was of course only a matter of time before Pope Benedict XVI hit the Twitterverse using his very own personal account: @Pontifex.

The Vatican have said that his Holiness won't start tweeting until December 12th, and then will only be answering questions sent to him using the hashtag #@pontifex (it seems even God's chosen one doesn't even understand hashtags). The Pope only joined twitter this morning and is still not verified. Of course he already has 16,000+ followers though and himself only follows 6 people. Strangely though, as if he didn't love himself enough already (what with the blinging cross and fresh white robes everyday), those 6 people the Pope is following, are himself.

See below.

Benedict XVI  Pontifex  on Twitter

So the Pope's on Twitter. It's like your very own Direct Message to God (if you're Catholic that is).