The Pushbike Porsche

Now you can drive a Porsche for the fraction of the price, as long as you can ride a bike.
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After the Cayenne S Hybrid sport utility vehicle, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid racing car and the concept 918 Spyder supercar, Porsche has recently announced the Hybrid RS mountain bike. The famed luxury sports car maker shows exactly what can be done with a push bicycle, with this, its fourth concept launched this year.

The Hybrid RS weighs approximately 16 kilograms and has a reach 50 kilometres per charge according to the manufacturer’s specification. It has a lightweight carbon frame and high-quality components including disc brakes, a leading-edge transmission system and an Apple iPhone offering Web-assisted navigation.

The bike itself is not based on one of Porsche’s own mountain bikes but one made by the Austrian OEM Simplon. The carbon frame has been specified with front and rear suspension as well as hydraulic disc brakes. The hybrid drive adds about 4 kg to the bike’s weight.

Porsche plans to make the Hybrid RS commercially available through its automotive dealerships, but has not yet set a date. The company insists the Hybrid RS is just a concept at the moment, but as it’s built from existing technology, it’s likely that if enough people declare an interest, it will go into production.

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