7 Real Daft Punks

Forget musical robots, these blokes were daft punks by nature.
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Toy Dolls 

Sunderland based punk band who wore rectangular glasses and had a very un-punk hit with Nellie the Elephant in 1984 which proved popular with toddlers the nation over. Other hits include  "Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead", "My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar" and "James Bond Lives Down Our Street."

GG Allin

Little known outside early 80s US hardcore scene GG used to smear himself in shit and beat himself up with chairs. Sort of like a rough version of Iggy but without the songs.

Jilted John

'Jilted John' was one of the greatest High Street love songs ever written by a man who wasn't very serious about being a punk but sported large badges on his baggy mohair jumper. 'John' aka Graham Fellowes also appeared as a punk relative of dull widow Emily Bishop in Coronation Street and went on to be 'closely associated' with singer songwriter John Shuttleworth.


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Sid Snot

Kenny Everett's leather clad rebel was punk by name but Motohead by nature. A cartoon rebel whose highlight was him palling around with a similarly dressed Freddie Mercury of Queen.

Captain Sensible

Red Beret wearing bassist with the first of the British punks to record a single, The Damned, he would later achieve more fame with his chart topping cover of 'Happy Talk' from the musical. Popular cheeky chappy, he was the Phil Tufnell of punk.

Vyvyan - The Young Ones

Like Everett's Sid Snot Vivian was a cartoon rebel who sat somewhere between punk and rock, typified by the phrase 'Very Metal' scrawled across his clothing. On the first episode of The Young Ones he burst through the kitchen wall head first bringing daft punk rock attitude to a TV world suffocating on Terry and June and The Good Life.

Die Toten Hosen

Germany's Dead Trousers were all over the shop when it came to their punk credentials. They deliberately wore flared trousers at a time when it was all but banned from music and the highlight of their set was a mock funeral for the said Dead Trousers. Colourful Germans with a sense of humour. Unique.