The Rebel With The Porsche 911 Obsession

Magnus Walker's mission in life is to collect one Porsche 911 from every year of their production, from 1964 to 1973. He's just one car away from realising his dream...
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URBAN OUTLAW is a documentary about Magnus Walker, the rebel Porsche customiser who turned a hobby into an obsession, and an obsession into a successful business. From a workshop in downtown Los Angeles, Magnus harvests fragments from donor 911s, grafting them onto vintage frames to create one-off automobiles with the spirit of Ferdinand Porsche but an ethos entirely his own.

I first came across Magnus Walker, in a magazine article published in Total911. I always fancied myself as the opposite of your typical Porsche owner, a racing fan who was not driving one for status, but for engineering purity. As his story unfolded across the page, it was the first time that I had instantly connected with a fellow Porsche owner.  This dreadlocked, tattooed, beardo was my kind of person.

With little to lose, I picked up the phone and called him; surprisingly, he answered. After a brief conversation, I knew my instincts were right - this dude was riveting.  I immediately felt the alchemy for a great short film was there.  So as filmmakers often do with passion projects, we rolled the dice. Within a matter of days, we had set the date, assembled a skeleton crew, and booked some plane tickets to LA.

When embarking on a documentary project, you never know what to expect. No matter how much thought, research, or planning you put into it, the ‘real thing’ is often much different once you shake hands with your subject. But when I got to Magnus’ compound, it was everything and more than I could have imagined. The cars, the clothing line, the loft: it could not have been art directed better. And looming above all of it was Magnus, a charismatic man, and the true representation of the American Dream.

I immediately felt the alchemy for a great short film was there.  So as filmmakers often do with passion projects, we rolled the dice.

Within minutes the crew and I were fans, charmed by this self-made Englishman. We booted around LA driving fast, seeking wicked roads, cool backdrops and teasing out his stories. We were kids in a candy store, “Let’s shoot the green Porsche, no the race car, no the silver one…” Magnus would say. After all, he could never do enough driving.

Four intense days of filming later, I knew I had a great documentary in the can. But I also left LA with a life long friend. Urban Outlaw pays homage to a truly original and inspiring person, whom will always be a few steps ahead of the pack. Magnus and I are both humbled by the worldwide interest received by the trailer. We are currently finishing post-production on the film, and will be releasing it short order.

To qoute Magnus -  'This is going to be Epic".

URBAN OUTLAW - THE TRAILER from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

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