The Ridiculous World of Reddit

Are you interested in socially awkward penguins, calling your boss a 'pervy wanker' and discussing in depth the most comfortable positions in which to sleep? Then head over to Reddit, my friend.
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If ever you need a snapshot of what modern man may be furiously procrastinating over on the web then Reddit is the place to go - other than Sabotage Times, naturally.  With an alleged core demographic of 35-44 year old men frequenting the site, Reddit allows visitors to submit and rate articles, videos and comments on a multitude of subjects.  The site is a sprawling mass of rich randomness which is frighteningly easy to lose a few hours.  One minute you could be reading about a socially awkward penguin, the next debating just how photoshopped a skateboarding woman’s rack is.  What ever floats your particular boat you’re sure to find it there.  To help you navigate the best of Reddit's vast offerings here’s a sampling of some the site’s top rated posts.

10. Test Post

Give a community the power to vote online and this is the result.  Posting anything online with the instructions ‘please ignore’ is surely the Internet equivalent of waving a red rag to a bull.  Word quickly spread among the community and the Reddit populace soon shot the post to the number one spot.  Not content with creating voting mischief in their own backyard, in 2011 they once again put their voting powers to good use by voting for Roland Bunce in Next’s online model competition.  Thwarted on this occasion it’s only a matter of time before Reddit users create voting mayhem once more.

9. I Hate My Job

We’ve all had jobs we’ve hated so it may come as no surprise that a work based whinge is topping the Reddit popularity charts.  In 2009 ‘Prehack’ posted this profanity laden rant about his fellow colleagues. Initially the rant seems odd but believable, look a little closer and all isn’t what it seems.  The closing line “Anyway, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and shit.”  is all it took for most Reddit users to solve Prehack’s cunningly disguised message.

8. So Long And Thanks For All The Postcards

When most people leave a job for pastures new it’s not often customers get overly emotional.  Even fellow colleagues just about manage to rustle up a couple of cakes or a hastily arranged farewell at the local. Not so for Mike Schiraldi, a then key figure at Reddit.  When he announced his last day with the site the community rallied his farewell blog post to sit alongside their most popular articles .. actually maybe they were trying to tell him something.

7. Too Sick To See ‘Up’

Proving that the users of Reddit are a soppy old bunch is the story of Colby Curtin. At ten years old her dying wish was to see Pixar’s top tear-jerker ‘Up’.  On hearing of Colby’s plight the kind-hearted animators quickly flew out a employee armed with a DVD and goody bag to Colby’s bedside.  Pixar made us cry buckets at the film and reading this heart breaking story means we may never be able to look at the DVD cover, never mind hear the soundtrack, again without breaking down.

6. US Politics

Proof if proof were needed that we’re not just surfing the web for porn and funny cat videos are the US Politics articles sitting high up in Reddit’s top chart.  Matters most concerning the article sharing community are Prop 8, the health bill and corporate donations to US political parties.  It’s good to see our Stateside pals getting some weighty issues in to the top chart, but where are the articles on burning UK political issues?  Lets get on the site and get some UK news in there sharpish.

Where are the articles on burning UK political issues?  Lets get on the site and get some UK news in there sharpish.

5. Chat Roulette Piano Improv

This video is perhaps the only good thing to ever be garnered from the normally sexpest-littered world of Chat Roulette.  The piano player known only as ‘Merton’ (once mistaken for Ben Folds) serenades his video chat visitors and improvises a song for each random person.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about the video apart from Merton’s piano and improv skills is that he managed to find enough people on the site not exposing themselves to make the clip.  Merton has since gone on to land a gig greeting Gatwick arrivals for T-Mobile, where hopefully he sees less knobs.

4. Facebook Fail

We’ve all posted something we shouldn’t on Facebook, it’s a modern day peril we all now face.  Forgetting that your boss, mum, cousin or colleagues are lurking amongst your FB friends is a surefire route to embarrassment and possibly the dole office.  One such unlucky social networker discovered this and to add insult to injury had their mistake published on the web for all to see.  Calling your boss a "pervy wanker" is never going to secure you the coveted employee of the month spot.

3. Pi x 3 = Lolz

If they’d told us at school that pie charts could one day be used in the workplace to cause humour and a certain degree of annoyance I’m sure we’d have all paid a lot more attention.  This email exchange documenting Simon Edhouse’s request to David Thorne for a free logo is a classic example of how to put email and pie charts to their best use.  Using a pie chart to display enthusiasm for doing unpaid work including the categories "fuck all" and "hardly any" was always going to be a winner. Now if you’ll excuse us we're off to create a pie chart for some Nigerian lottery scammers.

2. Who is Ken Jennings?

74 time winner of ‘Jeopardy’ Ken Jennings joined the Reddit community this year and promised to answer users questions, swiftly securing himself a top spot in the rankings.  Winner of over three million dollars and a following of “lilac scented” old folk, the quiz show buff has gone on to further fame since his epic Jeopardy reign.  His post amassed over 5000 votes and comments from quiz show fans eager to grill him on his Jeopardy experience.  Given his encyclopedia-like knowledge I'm not sure answering "In your next Jeopardy appearance, would you consider just drawing a giant penis where your name would be?" was really the best use of his time.  All Judith Keppel ever got was a gig sat next to smug Daphne on Eggheads.  Disappointing.

1. The Tuck

The most burning question amongst Reddit’s community of readers has been the issue of ‘The Tuck"  Namely, does anyone else do the tuck? The manoeuvre comprises raising your legs in bed and tucking your duvet, or covering of choice, underneath you.  This is the issue that matters people! Over 5000 votes and 1800 comments later are we any way nearer to caring? No, but it gives us all something to talk to our ever increasingly tedious office companions about.  Which if nothing else makes us forever thankful for Reddit’s existence.

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