The Terminator of Lens Cases

Protect your expensive camera lenses with these virtually indestructible cases
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If you're serious about protecting your precious dSLR camera lenses, really serious that is, then Beta Shell’s cases are for you.

Beta Shell cases look military in design and are made to protect your lens from just about anything you put it through – and if you don’t believe that a quick check on YouTube will show the cases being dropped, thrown and even run over with vehicles yet still coming up unscathed.  They're shelters against extreme temperatures, vibrations, impact and are even water tight so you won't have to worry about humidity.

While your dSLR is important, you can't take pictures without lenses. So, it's important to offer equal protection for your optics and camera body. dSLR bodies can go into bags with ample padding, and lenses can go into the Beta Shell.

The polymer plastic case is also shock-resistant, while the neoprene cushions inside will dampen any vibrations that may damage the delicate and expensive optics.

The company makes cases for most popular Canon and Nikon's lenses – ranging from $45 to $84 - so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down the right case for you. With these you can safely trek off into the wilds knowing you only have to concentrate on taking great photos.

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