London's 10 Best Burgers

Great big dirty burgers are the business in London right now. Here's the best.
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If you like the look of these, our mates at TwentySomethingLondon are hosting Burger Fest on 15th March. More info here.

I've been reviewing burgers in London for more than two years now, so it seems sensible to keep a running tally of my current Top 10 Best Burgers in London based on my reviews. Or, for something slightly different, why not check out my waistband busting Biggest Burgers in London.

1. Lucky Chip burger - 10/10

Lucky Chip sell burgers from a burger van in a car park in East London (and now The Seabright Arms). Their Bacon Cheeseburger (pictured) is absolutely phenomenal, and they have fun with some of their other burgers as well - check out the Selleck, the Sheen, the Danny Trejo, the Chuck Norris and enjoy. Lucky Chip are located in Netil Market, and a Bacon Cheeseburger costs about £6.50. This is deservedly at the top of my best burgers in London list.

2. Patty & Bun burger - 10/10


After a string of residencies and pop-ups, Patty & Bun has found a permanent home on James Street, W1U 1EU. The signature burger is the 'Ari Gold' and it's loving construction and perfectly executed ingredients will put a smile on your face. There's smoky mayo, gooey cheese, top drawer, perfectly cooked beef, and a squashy, secret squirrel bun. It's £7, plus 50p for bacon. Make sure you do yourself a favour and take down a portion of fries with rosemary salt.

3. MEATMarket Black Palace Burger - 10/10


MeatMarket opened in May 2012 and I think they've nailed it with their BlackPalace burger. Steamed, griddled onions, squishy glazed white bun and fabulous meat combine to form a burger that's much greater than the sum of it's parts. It's beefy, juicy, messy, and frankly the one of the best burgers you'll taste, for £7.50, in London.

4. Bread Street Kitchen burger - 9.5/10


This new addition to London's dining scene is still wet behind the ears, and that's exactly what you get with the Bread Street Kitchen short rib burger. This big, juicy, wet bear hug of a patty wrapped in a Miller's brioche bun, all for just £11.50. It's stated its case to
be featured on this best burgers in London list.


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5. MEAT Liquor burger - 9.5/10


A lot has been said about MEAT Liquor, much of it by me in fairness, and there's good reason for that. Yianni's burgers are legendary, even from the days of the #Meateasy they demanded a cult following, and in MEATLiquor they are just as good. For £7, the bacon cheeseburger is magnificent, and now you can get it in a central London location - there's really no excuse not to go.

6. Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger - 9.5/10


Hawksmoor has long been known in London as a shrine to meat and deservedly makes the best burgers in London list. The Kimchi burger is an impressive construct, combining Ogleshield cheese with spicy kimchi wrapped around the excellent Hawksmoor burger patty, combined in a Miller's brioche bun. Just brilliant.

7. Wenlock & Essex braised fore-rib burger - 9.5/10


For £10.50 (including bacon and cheese) this burger from head chef James Morgan is a juicy, filthy burger joy. You just can't help but cram it into you mouth and you don't want the experience to end. Topped with an unctuous pieces of braised fore-rib, Montgomery Cheddar, oven-roasted tomato, resting on a bed of lettuce mayo, and with an exclusive Harvey Rinkoff burger bun, this is a stunning burger creation from a chef who understands how to marry his ingredients together.

BONUS BURGER: Another 9.5/10 is the Wenlock & Essex Sloppy Joe burger - a messy, melty joy to behold and a burger that first appeared as a special, but had such positive feedback James decided to add it to the menu full time!

8. Goodman burger - 9/10


Goodman city is on this best burgers in London list by pure virtue of the fact the have consistently served up a great burger every time I've been. Formed from the off-cuts of their dry-aged steaks, for £13 you get a burger, fries, and a choice of toppings. The great bun is baked in-house, and this delivers a hit of sophisticated, yet juicy beef.

9. Honest Burgers - 9/10


Honest Burgers is deserving of its place on my best burgers in London list as it delivers a cracking British burger experience. Excellent meat, great bun and some very English touches (mature cheddar, onion jam) combine to create a great burger package. They've got some stunning rosemary salted chips as well - so don't share these bad boys.

10. Disco Bistro French-dipped steak burger - 9/10


Disco Bistro is serving a jolly fine burger at the moment. Combining aged beef topped with cheese sauce and bacon atop a bed of chopped lettuce and bone-marrow heavy French dip. It's an unctuous, savoury joy and as it's served in the surrounds of a London boozer, you can get a proper pint in, too.

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