A Response To The Israel Land Grab Viral

This viral infographic, depicting Palestinian loss of land, has been shared countless times on social media. But is it a truthful representation of the situation?
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If Hamas put down their weapons there would be peace, if Israel puts down its weapons there would be no Israel. This is the reality of the situation.

It also explains why there is no peace in the Middle East because one side has no interest in it. All they want is the destruction of Israel. So because of this we have this crazy back and forth where the two sit uneasily next to each other.

For those of you, who are aren’t so familiar with the origins of the situation, let me try and explain it. Before World War One there was no Palestine or Israel, it was all the Ottoman Empire and the area was one massive contiguous blob known as Southern Syria. Then once it became clear who would win the War, the French and British entered into a secret deal known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement whereby the area would be split between the two of them and Russia. What’s relevant for this story is that what is now known as Israel went to the British and was known as Palestine.

For thousands of years, the wandering Jews had dreamed of returning to Zion. They now began lobbying the British for that to become a reality. The Arabs didn’t want that and revolted against the British and the Jews. Things then got more complicated when World War II broke out and the Arabs sided with the Nazis and the Jews with the Allies.

Following the end of the war, the area again got re-divvyed up. It’s important to stress that the map looks nothing like it did 100 years ago. Nearly everything about the Middle East is a modern day invention drawn up by the winners of the wars.

The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was voted on in 1947. It passed and gave 56% of the land to the Jews. The Arabs didn’t agree with this and when the British left in May 1948, five countries declared war on the One day old state of Israel.


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There are a number of Arabs who say today that rejecting the Partition Plan was a mistake.

The Jews survived but already the Palestinian refugee question was an issue. Around 700,000 Arabs lost their homes as a result of it now being Israel. There would be more as a result of the 6 Day War.

The image of the declining Palestinian land isn’t accurate. First and foremost the original picture is from the time of the British mandate. Thereafter the big change is a result of the 6 Day War and many demand that Israel reverts to the pre-1967 borders.  In 2000 Ehud Barak offered Yassar Arafat the farm and was rebuffed.

Things need to be looked at in context. Israel is 1/800 the size of the Arab world. It is smaller than the size of New Jersey. Is it too much to ask that the Jews have their own homeland?

The Palestinian Question is a legitimate one but it gets blurred when fringe elements like Hamas use children as shields, as combatants and violates the human rights of the people it is meant to be ruling.

The problem with Hamas is that they aren’t in the peacetime ruling business – they are in the terrorist business. And for days before this all blew up Hamas was firing rocket after rocket after rocket into Israel and no-one said anything. It only became a story when Israel got involved.

Haters are always going to hate – there is nothing you can do about that. But those that do should at least put their cards on the table and declare their anti-semitism. Then feel free to make all the concentration camp and big nose jokes you want.

Hamas is backed by Iran whose only interest in the situation is eliminating Israel. Pretty much you find that’s the reason why most people get involved. That’s how it was then, that’s how it is now. Would you feel safe when if this is what you’re up against?