The Winners And Losers Of The Republican Presidential Race

Nearly a year before the 2012 US Election, the race to challenge Barack Obama has recently become clearer than ever before. So which candidates are currently winning and losing?
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Could Mitt Romney contradict himself all the way to the White House?


Mitt Romney

At this rate Romney will definitely take the nomination for the Presidential race. He is currently streets ahead of all his rivals. He has the look, the finance and gravitas that mark him out among a sorry crowd of misfits and morons.  A fine example of “the least worst option.”  He seems to be the only major candidate (Smart guys such as Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul are no longer major candidates.) that can be taken seriously. With Chris Christie not running, and recently endorsing Romney the path looks quite clear for him to waltz to the nomination, but what stands in his way?

Well, Romney has an interesting past. First, he lost to John McCain for the nomination to face Obama in the 2008 Election. Second, Romney has a similar problem to McCain, in that many of his previous actions don’t sit well with the Republican base.  For example Romney used to be pro choice when it came to abortion, now he is pro life:

Third, he set up universal healthcare for his state when Governor of Massachusetts. His ‘Romney Care’ formed the basis for the much hated by the right “Obama Care”. Romney sometimes distances himself from it, and other times make no apologies. Problem is, as you have seen, every contradictory stance taken has been recorded. This all puts him in a difficult position, best explained by Jon Stewart below.

He’s a slippery David Cameron type, a “karaoke soul”, devoid of any real conviction except to become President of the United States. However if he wins the nomination and bags Chris Christie to take up a Vice President position, then there will be a real tough battle come next year.

Herman Cain

Herb Cain, as Sarah “No thanks America, I’m making too much money out of squawking on telly” Palin calls him, is flavour of the month. The flavour? Well, Cain bizarrely continually refers to himself as “Black Walnut”, so I guess that’s the flavour. Cain’s current bump in the polls stems mainly from his charisma, his new catchy economic plan and his long-standing Islamaphobia.

For many it has been baffling that he has developed a following at all with his much covered “9-9-9” Economic Plan of 9% income tax, 9% Sales tax and 9% Corporation tax. Simple. It’s easy this economics lark isn’t it? Amazing to think that they made such a hash of it in recent years.

Cain’s “plan” to solve something as complex as a once in a lifetime global economic crisis was devised by a local Wells Fargo bank advisor with no governmental economic background. So that is the equivalent of Halifax’s Howard Brown writing up George Osborne’s Budget. Cain won’t win but is a possible VP and thus future reality TV star, Fox News presenter and 2016 President of the United States.

Herb Cain, as Sarah “No thanks America, I’m making too much money out of squawking on telly” Palin calls him, is flavour of the month. The flavour? Well, Cain bizarrely continually refers to himself as “Black Walnut”, so I guess that’s the flavour.


Rick Perry

For all the hype Perry has been a let down. It was predicted he would take control like no other candidate had. Many expected him to turn up to his first debate carrying a gun, a burning science book and the severed head of a Planned Parenthood doctor. He didn’t. Instead, he just turned up, spoke a bit, looked sleepy and was booed. Simply, he isn’t good enough at speaking. Struggling to get even basic sentences out with any sort of coherence.

Does that remind you of anyone?

If Perry were to get the nomination and had to face Obama in a future one on one debate he would be shown up quite spectacularly. Obama has his faults but if nothing else, he is very good at talking. Perry isn’t, and when he does get the words out, always crowbarring in the term “Down in Texas…” the Republican crowd aren’t impressed with what he has to say.

Michelle Bachman

The longer amount of time Bachman gets to speak the chances of her saying something damaging increases. Her biggest error happened after one of the recent debates where the topic of the HPV vaccine arose. When Rick Perry was governor of Texas he set out a mandate for all young women to receive the HPV vaccine as a way to stop the potential of cervical cancer. The mandate was never passed but many on the religious right have seen this as a suspicious move since they believe such a vaccine promotes sexual activity.

Bachman is the leader of this anti-vaccine movement and was asked about her stance in a TV interview directly after a debate where the issue was discussed. In the interview she told a story of how she spoke to a mother whose daughter had been given the vaccine and how this daughter had suffered “mental retardation.”

The next day pretty much every doctor, nurse and person with a brain said that was impossible. Bachman didn’t back down. Why would she? Who cares what the experts say? They are probably the same people that invented facts.

At the next debate she denied ever saying “mental retardation” by claiming she was just relaying ”information someone told me”. This really hurt her image and she began to be seen as a liability.

So, at the next debate after that, she had been well prepared with sound bites. The best line from Tuesday night was her criticism of Herman Cain’s economic plan saying, "If you take the 9-9-9 plan and turn it upside down, then well, the devil is in the detail." Bachman and her evil eyes are losing the plot along with any chance of even a VP nod.

There is still a long way to go, but it would be hard to bet against Romney right now. Either way, it’s always a funny, fascinating and faintly depressing show.