The World's Smallest Espresso Machine

Do you struggle to get through the day without a regular caffeine fix? Well now you can get a boost anytime and anyplace.
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The Handpresso Wild is the World’s smallest espresso machine, being shorter in length than a wooden spoon (and not much wider). It is also probably the World’s cheapest (authentic) espresso machine, generating 16 bar of pressure to extract the full flavour of the coffee.

What’s more, the Wild does not use electricity, so it's completely portable. Now it's possible to have an espresso anywhere and whenever it takes your fancy: at work, on holiday, in the mountains or out at sea.

The Wild works using one of nature's most renewable sources of energy; the human muscle. By means of a hand-pump (similar in design to a bicycle pump) the user builds up pressure ready to release upon the coffee. They then simply add hot water and an E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pod before starting to brew.

Cleaning is easy with the Wild too. Once used, simply remove and dispose of the E.S.E. pod and give the machine a quick rinse under the tap. There is no need to use detergents or descaler.

All in all, the Handpresso Wild is an excellent innovation. It's small, lightweight and simple to use; and allows you to have an espresso whenever and wherever you fancy.

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