Things My Girlfriend Taught Me Pt 1: The Wooden Spoon Trick

Life hacks from my better half.
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Struggling with mustering more than a 3 letter word on Countdown?

Does watching University Challenge make you feel dumber than Harry and Lloyd?

I feel your pain.

Fortunately, my IQ might just have been on the up of late, thanks to an amazing girlfriend who has taught me a fair few 'facts' which it would only be right to share with you. 

Girlfriend says (whilst cooking pasta): placing a wooden spoon over a boiling pan stops it from boiling over.

Must be some kind of weird fucked up magic shit, right?


Google says; a dry wooden spoon has a water repelling surface, meaning the bubbles are destabilised then retreat on contact, a bit like a naked, disorientated migrant bumping into Katie Hopkins in a dark Mediterranean alley. Bubbles and foam created from boiling water are filled with steam, again, a bit like Katie Hopkins. When the bubble touches the spoon with a temperature below 100°C, the steam condenses (changes back into a liquid) and breaks the surface of the bubble. (source;