Life hacks from my better half.

Click here for part 1: The Wooden Spoon Trick

Girlfriend says (whilst pouring a cider); if you put your finger in cider foam it evaporates.

Just sat down, feet up, footy on, just cracked a tinny and you're looking to add a little sophistication to this Super Sunday.... enter the pint glass. But wait, you've poured too quickly in your moment of desire and the foam is rising faster than Jeremy Clarkson's temper. Fear not.

Time for GCSE science recap...

Like the most unfortunate of dolphins swimming around Deepwater Horizon, there comes a time when we all learn that oil and water don’t mix. As it turns out, oils from your skin stop the foam from overflowing by breaking up the protein layer surrounding each gas bubble. This causes the bubble's surface to weaken then... pop. (source;

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