Things My Girlfriend Taught Me Pt 3: The Birds & The Worms

Devilishly clever stuff from the feathered mob.
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Struggling with mustering more than a 3 letter word on Countdown?

Does watching University Challenge make you feel dumber than Harry and Lloyd?

I feel your pain.

Fortunately, my IQ might just have been on the up of late, thanks to an amazing girlfriend who has taught me a fair few 'facts' which it would only be right to share with you. 

Girlfriend says: birds get worms to the surface by tapping their feet so they think it's raining.

Where do people learn these things? And how? I feel so disintelligent sometimes.

Ever wondered why when it’s tipped it down outside you see more worms on the pavement than your stomach X-ray after a dodgy Chinese? Well, apparently worms automatically rise to the surface during a downpour to avoid drowning. The sound of heavy rainfall, or the vibration instigated by it, is mimicked by those tapping feet and up come those worms and insects for din dins. (source; blog contributors)  

Here's a seagull doing its best Michael Flatley impression

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